You don’t have to change your doors in order to make them more energy efficient. They must be adequately adjusted to prevent drafts and heat loss. Make sure that all of your seals and joints are airtight. Should you find traces of wear and teare, change the weatherstripping. This easy and inexpensive solution will bring comfort to your home.
Door Sweep
Door Set

By consulting the thermal image, we notice that exterior doors can be a major source of cold air infiltration in the winter months. The dark colours at the bottom and on the side of the door represent the cold air that is infiltrating your house.

There are three (3) ways to reduce heat loss or air infiltration through your doors:

• Install a threshold
• Install door sweep
• Make sure door is airtight from top to bottom

Each of these steps will help you block incoming drafts. Consider sealing doors that lead into unheated rooms such as the garage or a walk-in cooler. Don't paint over weatherstripping products because they will loose their elasticity.