A lot of unpredictable cracks and gaps need to be weatherstripped around your house. Climaloc offers a complete line of products perfect for this task. "V" shaped tapes, rubber foams, backer rods or caulking rods are flexible and pliable enough to fit all kinds of unusual gaps.
Tape & Rubber Foam
Backer Rod
Caulking Cord

Backer Rod

Use the backer rod before you put caulking around your bath, shower, sink and kitchen counters. It is perfect to fill gaps, pre-seal the joints of retaining walls, window and door frames, ventilation ducts and plumbing pipes. Very useful to repair cement, patio and foundation cracks. Avoid contact with a heat source such as a furnace or other heating unit.


For joint stuffing, including presealing driveway & sidewall joints, window & door frames, vents & ductwork, plumbing openings. Dimension of 3/8" x 30' (9.5mm x 9.1m).

Also available :

194-633 : 1/2'' x 25'
195-084 : 3/4'' x 15'
194-634 : 1/2'' x 300'  
194-635 : 3/4'' x 200'