The garage door has a reputation for being a huge energy consumer. Therefore we must weatherstrip it very well. It's also important that every door from the garage leading into the house be appropriately weatherstripped. This should help you keep the warm air inside the house and the fumes from your car in the garage.

Door Bottom
Door Set
Insulation Blanket

Door Set

The first step to make your door more efficient on an energy level is to make sure that your current weatherstripping is in good condition. The market now offers new high-performance products that perfectly seal the sides and the bottom of your garage door. A garage door kit must remain flexible even during the long winter months. 


Superior Quality

Deluxe garage door weatherstripping with nail cover. Insulates the top and sides. Superior efficiency thanks to a triple vinyl strip.  Includes a 7' piece (2.1m), white.

Also available :

151-847 : 9' (270cm) - White
207-601 : 7' (210cm) - Brown
207-602 : 9' (279cm) - Brown
286-111 : Set for single garage door (2   pieces of 7' (2.13m), 2 pieces of 4.5'   (1.37m)) - White


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Aluminum and reinforced rubber weatherstripping to seal top and sides of a garage door. Dimensions of 7' (2.1m), grey.

Also available :

151-843 : 9' (270cm)
151-842 : 10' (310cm)
157-192 : 12' (370cm)
193-529 : Set of 2 x 84'' (210cm), 2 x   53'' ( 140cm) and galvanized nails.


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