Energy efficiency goes beyond the air tightness of your windows and doors. Climaloc offers a wide array of products to help you weatherstrip every zone against heat loss and save energy. Bring comfort into your home and dollars to your wallet.  

Pipe Insulation
Air Duct
Electric Outlet
Air Conditionner
Refill & Replacement Joint

Air Duct

Air ducts from central heating systems don't get much attention in terms of energy efficiency. Good insulation of the joints between the ducts will provide better heating distribution in the house.   All you have to do is cover the joints with duct tape.




Aluminum foil tape used for sealing & repairing eaves troughs, air ducts, metal tubing & metal surfaces. Aggressive adhesive. Air tight. Water-resistant. 1-7/8" x 26'3" (48mm x 8m).


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Aluminum-foam pipe & duct insulation, R factor 2.8. Prevents heat loss, saves energy. Controls condensation. Self-adhesive, easy installation. Conforme to angles and fittings. One size fits most pipes. Lengthwise or spiral installation. 1/8" x 5" x 15' (3.2mm x 12.7cm x 4.57m).


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