A lot of unpredictable cracks and gaps need to be weatherstripped around your house. Climaloc offers a complete line of products perfect for this task. "V" shaped tapes, rubber foams, backer rods or caulking rods are flexible and pliable enough to fit all kinds of unusual gaps.
Tape & Rubber Foam
Backer Rod
Caulking Cord

Caulking Cord

Caulking rods have been around for ever. Even with all the new products on the market it's still very useful in its simplicity. Very flexible and pliable, it allows you to fill even the most cramped of gaps and will stick to any surface, even cement and rock. It can be painted over and is easier to manipulate than ordinary caulking.


Caulking cord. No caulking gun needed. Seals off cold drafts and paintable. Total length 45' (13.7m), white.

Also available  :

161-197 : 14' grey
286-113 : 14' white  
228-749 : 90' grey